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At Cash for Cars Dublin we now only accept online inquiries initially.  We know this is not ideal, but please appreciate we were receiving numerous phone calls every day from people asking how much their vehicle was worth…… many of these without providing sufficient details, unsure of some key information, sometimes unsure of the basic information and generally just wasting time.

We are a busy team, and consider our time quite valuable, so for this reason we have had to change our methods of contact.

But don’t worry, this is only required to initially ‘weed out’ the time wasters.  Serious enquiries will soon find our team very approachable and will enjoy the professional, no obligation discussions before any decision is made from either party.

Generally contact works as follows:

  • Complete the Form on the Home Page (or on the right hand side of this page) and press ‘SEND’.
  • If we need to we will contact you for more information.
  • If we are thinking along the same lines in terms of price, we will organise to meet (anywhere in Ireland).
  • Upon inspection we will agree to buy your car.
  • We will agree a payment method and collection details.
  • Everyone goes away happy.

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