Frequently asked Questions at Cash for Cars Dublin

  1. 1Do Cash for Cars Dublin offer cash for cars for all makes and models or do they specify specific next?

At Cash for cars Dublin we will consider purchasing any car for cash, regardless of the make and model. Obviously there are certain makes and models which we prefer but we will consider all, and will make an offer on most.  Please complete the form to tell us your vehicle details as a first step and we will make an offer to purchase your car for cash today.


  1. 2Do Cash for cars Dublin sell cars also?

Cash for cars Dublins sole service is to offer people cash in exchange for their cars. However we have some involvement in the Motor industry also and from time to time we have vehicles for sale within our sister companies.  We generally treat these transactions separately. Therefore any transactions through cash for cars Dublin generally just involve cash for cars Dublin paying you for your unwanted car.


  1. 3Will Cash for cars Dublin tell me how much they’re willing to pay before seeing my car?

The cash for cars Dublin team will provide an approximate valuation from the information given. We will not and cannot confirm the amount until we have inspected the vehicle in person. For this reason we advise users to provide as much key information as possible to avoid disappointment and avoid any differences between valuation amounts and actual amount offered.  It is not beneficial to buyer or seller to try withhold information.

  1. 4I live in Dublin and want to sell my car for cash, can you advise how long this process takes?

At Cash for cars Dublin we try to make all transactions as speedy and hassle free as possible. There is no fixed timeframe on transactions, and can depend on many factors such as vehicle information provided and the location of the car you want to sell for cash today.


  1. 5I want to sell my car for cash today, but my car does not have a valid NCT. Would cash for cars Dublin still be interested in purchasing my vehicle?

Of course. Cash or cars Dublin will still be interested in purchasing your car with a without a valid NCT. Granted your vehicle may not be valued as highly due to not having a valid NCT, but AT cash for cars Dublin we will make a fair and honest offer based on the information provided regardless of the NCT status.

  1. 6Where is the best place for me to sell my car for cash in Dublin?

Cash for cars Dublin is the best place to sell your card today for cash. The process is very simple, Just follow the steps on our website, fill out the application form and press send. If we are interested in purchasing your car, or making you an offer for same we will do so as soon as possible. If we can’t agree on a price the transaction can happen very quickly and before you know it you will be handing over your car keys in exchange for cash. Cash for cars Dublin provide a smooth and hassle free service and there is simply no easier way for the people of Dublin to exchange the car for cash today as simple as this.

  1. 7I have just moved back from the UK to Dublin and want to sell my car for cash. The problem is the car is a UK registration and now I want to purchase a new vehicle on an Irish registration. Would cash for cars Dublin be interested in purchasing a UK registered car?

Of course. Cash for cars Dublin will consider all vehicles that people want to exchange for cash today.  Obviously the valuation and offer made for your car will be reflected, but we will still make an offer to purchase your car for cash.

  1. 8I want to sell my Car fast but do not want to receive a bag of cash? Do Cash for Cars Dublin actually pay in Cash or are there other payment options?

At Cash for Cars Dublin we offer many different payment methods.  If you do not want to receive a cash payment for your car, we can arrange other payment methods such as bank transfers etc.  If you want to sell your car today and are happy with the price offered, feel free to advise us how you want Cash for Cars Dublin to pay for the vehicle.

  1. 9What will Cash for Cars Dublin do with my vehicle after I sell it to them?

It will depend on the vehicle in question. Cash for Cars Dublin have many contacts and links within the motor industry. Therefore, depending on the value, year and condition of your vehicle Cash for Cars Dublin purchase, this will determine what we do with your car.  Cash for Cars Dublin may sell your vehicle to one of our used car dealer network within Ireland, if your car is not very valuable it may be sold for parts and some specific vehicles purchased by Cash for Cars Dublin will be exported out of the Country, as we know which vehicles have higher demand outside of Ireland.

  1. 10Do Cash for Cars Dublin only purchase cars in Dublin, or throughout the rest of Ireland also?

Cash for Cars Dublin will purchase vehicles from anywhere in Ireland.  We arrange collections and meetings all over Ireland every week.  When completing the vehicle information form on the Cash for Cars Dublin website, you will be asked to input the vehicle location.  Please make sure this is filled in so we know where the car you want to sell for cash is located.

  1. 11I am purchasing a new car in Dublin. Should I sell my car to Cash for cars Dublin or trade it into the garage where I am buying my new car?

Sell your car to Cash for Cars Dublin, no doubt!!  Car traders are very good at moving numbers around and making you believe they are giving you a good price on the trade-in of your vehicle.

For example, you may know your current car is worth approx.. €5k.  The garage where you are purchasing your new car will tell you they are offering you €5k for your current car, which you think is an excellent deal.  In reality they are probably offering you €3k for it, and adding the additional €2k to the price of your new  vehicle.  I can assure you this happens, and to find out how much you are really  getting for your trade in next time you are purchasing a new car, do the following:

  • Go to the garage to choose and get price for your new car
  • When asked by the salesman if you will be trading in your old car, say ‘No, I have it sold privately to a family member already, so I just want to purchase, no trade in’. You are now an ideal customer for the garage and you will be given the best actual price for your new car (without the trade in mark up being added).
  • Next time you go back to the garage tell them your sale has fallen through and you now will want to trade in. You will see the salesman’s frustration.
  • Considering he has already given you the price for the new car, he cannot mess around with the new car figures anymore. Therefore he will have to tell you the true trade in price he is offering for your old car, which will be approx. €3k.
  • This time you will be given the true price for a new car and the true price for your trade in. The upgrade cost will be the same, but at least you will be presented with the true numbers, rather than making you think you are getting more for your trade in.
  • When given the true numbers you will see how Cash for Cars Dublin can benefit you. See below

aaScenario No.1 – Buying a new car and tell the salesman you want to trade in your old one……

He will tell you he is giving you €5k for your car, and will say he can upgrade your car for €17k.   This would mean your new car is costing €22k, but the salesman will never want to discuss the new car price.  He will always refer to the upgrade price only.  This is to make you think you are getting a good price for your car, but in reality the new car price is €20k, and you are getting €3k for your old one.  Regardless the upgrade is costing €17k no matter how the numbers are displayed.

bbScenario No.2 – You tell the Salesman you just want to purchase, no trade in……

You will be given the best purchase price for your new car.  There is no need to mess with the numbers here, so you will be told the cost of the new car is €20k.

When you go back and say you now want to trade in, he will not be happy, but will have to give you his actual trade in price for your old car.  He will have to tell you he is offering €3k, which makes you feel like you are not getting enough money for your car, but regardless, the upgrade cost is still €17k.

33Scenario No.3 – You tell the Salesman you do not want to trade in and you sell your old car to Cash for Cars Dublin……

This way you get the actual price for your new car, and a fair price for your trade in. You are again given the purchase price of €20k for your new car.  You sell your old car to Cash for Cars Dublin for €4.5k.  Therefore your car upgrade is costing you €15.5k.  This results in a saving in your pocket of €1.5k.  No messing with numbers, and everyone can see the real costs and values.  Everyones a winner (accept the garage who was trying to make more money on your trade in)!!

  1. 12Can I negotiate a price with Cash for Cars Dublin, or is their offer final?

At Cash for Cars Dublin we are business people and are always up for negotiation.  This does not always mean we will negotiate, as we may make our maximum offer on the first occasion, but if we think we are close to a deal we will always talk it out to reach agreement.  We are very approachable people, so lets talk.